Little River Community Complex Rental Agreement





Responsible Person: __ ______________________________ Organization Name: _________________________________________                                                                                                                

Telephone (H) _________________________(W)______________________ext.________ (cell)____________________________

Type of Event_______________________________________ Room(s) Being Rented______________________________________


Hours of Rental:  From________to________ Total Number of Rental Hours _______ Rental Day & Date______________________

               (gym) From __________to________ Total Number of Rental Hours _______ Rental Day & Date_____________________                                                                                                                                                                                                           




  1. The lessee must be at least 21 years old.


  1. Facilities are available for rental subject to availability on your requested event date. The facility reserves the right to

deny any application.


  1. The lessee will be held responsible and liable for all charges, payments and for compliance with all rules and posted signage.


  1. All payments and applications must be submitted at least 7 days prior to the date of the event. A returnable security deposit fee of $90.00 will be charged for each facility area rented. Security deposit will be returned if the rental area is returned in the same condition in which it was received.


  1. If deposit has not been received 14 days prior to the event the date will be released.


  1. All facilities are smoke free, no alcoholic beverages, prohibited substances or firearms are allowed on the campus.


  1. The facility will not be liable for any personal property, equipment, accident or injury of the lessee or their guests.

The lessee is responsible for the participants in its group and/or event.


  1. The lessee hereby indemnifies, defends, and holds harmless the facility and all their officers, employees, and agents from any and all claims, demands, suits, causes of actions, damages, liabilities, costs and expenses by any party, or judgments any person had, now has, or may have in the future subject to this agreement including patrons or guests of lessees arising out of any such event or rental.


  1. The facility must be cleaned of all trash and debris resulting from said event and facility must be left in same condition

      in which received.                             


  1. Children present at events must always be supervised by an adult, especially in any/all outdoor area.


  1. The facility will not be responsible for lost or stolen goods.


  1. The lessee is responsible for replacing and/or repairing damage done to the facilities or equipment.


  1. The facility reserves the right to determine if it is necessary for the lessee to provide security for its event. This will

       be coordinated through the Durham County Sheriff or other appropriate security agency and paid by the lessee.


  1. The facility maintains the right to control the management and enforce all necessary property rules of management

and operation of the facility; and therefore, (whether using managers or the sheriff’s office) have the right at any time to enter any portion of the rental facility for any purpose whatsoever.


  1. The facility reserves the right to deem it necessary for the lessee to provide insurance for its event, including the

       insurance covering the facilities and persons in the group or in attendance.


  1. Gym concession rights will be reserved for LRCC when rented. The center has the right of first refusal for any        

       concession arrangements. If waived by the center, rental groups may provide concessions.  Only packaged

       goods will be sold from concession stand unless prior approval was given by the center and/or permit is obtained by     

       the Health Department. 


  1. Rental time for all facilities are time periods within the hours of 8am to 11pm.


  1. The facilities must not be used for any unlawful or offensive purposes and all users must abide by local, state and

       federal laws. 


  1. No hard-sole shoes are permitted on the gym floor.


  1. No candle usage is permitted in any of the facilities.


  1. No animals/pets allowed at events. In the case of service animals please notify us in advance so appropriate    

       arrangements can be made if needed.


  1. Rental reservations expanding several months will be handled on a case-by-case basis.


  1. List below any additional rules specific to the occasion.







Rental fee is $55.00 per hour with a refundable clean up deposit fee of $90.00 contingent upon condition of facility upon return.

Reduced rates will be given to schools and nonprofits that use gym multiple days a week for their athletic program. Rates based upon days of weekly usage and length of the rental.

Full Day rental fee is $550.00.



Minimum 4 hrs. rental and a refundable clean up deposit fee of $90.00

4 hours                   200.00

8 hours                   320.00

12 hours                430.00



There is a $25.00 hour fee for field usage and a refundable clean up deposit fee of $60.00.

Deposit will be returned in full if field is left free of debris and/or damages.  If cleanup and repair is required cost will be deducted from deposit.  If cost exceeds the amount on deposit an invoice with balance will be sent to the responsible party


                                                                             TOTAL AMOUNT DUE FOR RENTAL      ____________________


Credit card payments can be arranged by phone/Make checks & money orders payable and mail to:  

Little River Community Complex, Inc.

   Att:  LRCC Treasurer

PO Box 126

Bahama, NC 27503

Returned Check Fee:  $25



The lessee has read and agrees to the above outlined rules concerning the use of the facilities at Little River Complex, Inc.  The lessee understands that violations of the above stated rules may result in suspension of any future rentals and in case of extreme violation closing of the event and non-return of any remaining rental fee.



 Lessee: ___________________________________________Date: __________                


­­­Authorized Signature/Witness                   ___________________________ Date: ______________________